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15 November
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Hi, I'm Neeko_9!
My birthday is Nov. 15. I know how to speak Russian and English. I go on the computer a lot. I like magic things, ecpecially dark magic. The fatest book I've ever read is probaly HP #5, in english. I have glasess, but I don't wear them all the time, because I don't need them all the time. My hamster,Cinnamon just died, and I'm trying to persaud my parents for a Doxen, which is turning out way harder than I thought it would be.I want to be a movie director when I grow up. I don't care if I'm faumos or not, I just love directing movies! I do it all the time with my friends. People say I'm a very good writer, a very good reader, a very good speller (although I make typos a lot). I'm a scorpio, and I need to know more than a little about who I'm talking with, and I give more than a little about who I am. I'd say mt worst trait is that I can definitly forgive, but I can never forget. Not forgetting bugs me. Anyway, I'd be glad to be friends with anyone, as long as I know SOMETHING about you.